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Language Editor Missing In DNN 5.0 or How to Update Terms and privacy text in Dot net nuke 5.0 or DNN 5.0

Well guys, twhen i tried to update the privacy text or the terms & condition text in DNN5.0 i was shocked that the language editor in the HOST > Language sub menu is mission and obviously its shocking for you thats why you are searching :D any ways here is the locatin for the Language editor in the DNN

Login with your host user id
Step 1:
Click on HOST > Languages

Step 2:
Click on the pencil with Default Language under the "Extensions"

Step 3:
Click on " Edit Language Files " link under "Extension Settings "

Step 4:
Click on the enable check box and update the setting

------ How to update the privacy terms & condition in dot net nuke
Follow the above steps for the laugage settings and then do the one more step
Additonal Step:
Search the privacy or terms that you want to update and update the text

I hope it will helps you alot

Rashid Imran Bilgrami
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what is project management?

Hello PM
If you are new and want to be a PM and did not find how can you start the career with the project management just check out this link

I really love it when i read it

All the stuff that you need

Very Important book   

Rashid Imran Bilgrami
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How to create a graph in .net

Well guys I found a nice thing and i quote it here that really works for those who are looking to create a graph in . net or dot net nuke, It really solve my problem i hope you it helps you out from the problem too.

acctuall link


Rashid Imran Bilgrami
CEO Best visualization

How to reset Dot net nuke / DNN host Password

How to reset Dot net nuke / DNN host Password

Orignal Post:

============ Dave thanks for the good work ===================

One of the most frustrating events that can happen in any system is forgetting your password and not being able to retrieve it. DotNetNuke has a retrieval system built in, but you have to make sure your system can send mail in order to make use of it.

And even if it sends mail, it may be that you’ve taken over a system and the host account is not registered to you.

So, what do you do?

Well, you can’t look in the database for the password because the passwords are hashed. But there are some ways to get back in business.

First, let’s take a look at the easy way. Let’s assume that you have the ability to sign up for a new account with a new password. Go ahead and do that.

Next, open the database and look for the “Users” table. This table has a bit field called, “IsSuperUser.” Set it to t…

Java script Encoder / Decoder

View demo | Download Source

Hi every one i found a thing at internet that is done through encoding and decoding of text through Java script thanks man you will get the full blog there

Here is the class function of encoding

/example of using the html encode object

// set the type of encoding to numerical entities e.g & instead of &
Encoder.EncodeType = "numerical";

// or to set it to encode to html entities e.g & instead of &
Encoder.EncodeType = "entity";

// HTML encode text from an input element
// This will prevent double encoding.
var encoded = Encoder.htmlEncode(document.getElementById('input'));

// To encode but to allow double encoding which means any existing entities such as
// & will be converted to &
var dblEncoded = Encoder.htmlEncode(document.getElementById('input'),true);

// Decode the now encoded text
var decoded = Encoder.htmlDecode(encoded);

// Check whether the text still co…

Coda-Slider with Autoplay or Auto slider Code - Jquery Slider

View Demo | Download Source

Hi All,
While reading along in some of the forums (located here:, I noticed some are wanting an “auto-slide” feature for this thing (great job by the way Niall Doherty).

Here’s how you do it:

Modify the js code included in the page’s header into this:

"User script tag here"
var count =1;
jQuery(window).bind("load", function() {jQuery("div#slider1").codaSlider(); setInterval("moreSnow()", 2000);});
function moreSnow()
if (count < 4)

count = count +1;
count = 1;


here you change if (count < 4) number of banners as per your banner count like if you have 5 banners then put 6 here and if you have 6 then put 7 i have 3 banners so i put 4

also change the body section
Panel 1

i add the id="panel1" in the code that will use for auto click in the javascript

now just change all panel id a…

Update DNN4x to Dnn 5x

Hi another stuff that i done recently is really cool and i hope it help lot of DNN professionals

Upgrading dot net nuke

Its simple but you must need the dnn4.8 or later version for updgrading if you are planing to move your dnn 3 or 2 in to dnn 5 then you must upgrade the 3 to 4 and then then 4 to 5

here i just define the upgrading from 4 to 5
Backup Existing Site
Although the XML Merge functionality and DotNetNuke 5.0.0 have been tested a great deal it is VERY, VERY important to take a full site backup before completing an upgrade. This is especially true when going from a 4.x to 5.x installation, due to the massive changes introducted in DotNetNuke 5.0.0. If you are unsure of the process to backup your site, please be sure to read my blog How to Backup a DNN Site, additionally if on a remote hosting provider you can contact your provider for assistance creating the backups.

NOTE: DO NOT CONTINUE if you have not validated a 100% correct backup file. I have tested multiple 5.x upgrad…

How to Install DNN or DotNetNuke or Dot Net Nuke

:) now every one asking to how to install the dot net nuke on the live server, dedicated server or local PC

You need fulfills pre-requirments


For local PC and dedicated server
1) Configure IIS from Start > Settings > control panel > Add remove program > Add remove component >Select Inetnet Information Server then click next
(Note you need the OS cd for installation)


2)Make sure your installation drive must be NTFS


3)Down the latest .zip file from the site


4)Extract the zip file from your NTFS folder


5)Right Click on it and Go to security tab and allow writting p…

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Run DNN or Dot Net Nuke On Sub domain

Hi this is so simple that you run your dot net nuke child portal at the sub domain

here are the few steps for it

************************ Step 1 ************************
Create your portal for Create your child portals domain/sub1, domain/sub2 etc.

************************ Step 2 ************************
While logged in as host in each of the child portals go to Admin>Site Settings and find the Portal Alias field and enter in the subdomain -,

************************ Step 3 ************************
Go to IIS and add all of the subdomains to the header information for the site and your done.

Rashid Imran Bilgrami
CEO Best visualization

Run DNN or Dot net nuke on port other than 80

well today i got the problem that my vista IIS did not run the DNN because the port 80 is not active because of any error so i tried to run the dnn on another port like http://localhost:83/ and so on so it so simple you just open your web.config and search

< value="true" key="UsePortNumber">

uncomment this line and that port run see how easy it is ? :) do it and enjoy

Rashid Imran Bilgrami
CEO Best visualization

HTTP 503 Service Unavailable in IIS 7


I ran into a funky issue with an application on IIS 7 today on my development machine: One of my Web applications simply would not respond to requests and IIS was reporting a 503 Error – Service Unavailable. Oddly enough though the rest of my Web site was working just fine – just this one application/virtual wasn’t working. So at first I tried the usual – restarting IIS with IISReset, to no avail.
After some back and forth with the management console it turns out in IIS 7 that IIS 7 has a confusing option when you create a new Application Pool that ask whether you want to start the Application Pool immediately. This is not real obvious – in IIS 6 there was no such option and the Application Pool started automatically when a virtual/application was accessed for the first time. So when it asks for Start Immediately it’s not clear if the worker process that hosts the Application Pool starts immediately, or what. As it turns out when you s…

Moving DotNetNuke From One Host To Another

Have you built a DotNetNuke site and now want to move DNN to production? Or, are you simply moving a DotNetNuke website from one server to some other server? Over the last month I have seen several searches in the logs from people trying to find instructions on moving a DotNetNuke website from development to production, or simply from one server to another. After looking around for similar detailed instructions, I really did not see anything out there that really explained how to setup a IIS box for DotNetNuke, optimized and ready for production. So, I decided to provide instructions on how we do it…

The following instructions are provided to minimize any downtime of the production domain/website, assuming there is an existing website running. However, the same instructions can be applied for a brand new domain/website that does not have a critical execution plan. These instructions will have a basic assumption that you understand how to manage IIS, DNS, and DNN. While we do not provid…

OLEDB jet 4.0 driver In Vista 64bit / he 'Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0' provider is not registered on the local machine

Well i think you must be thankful for me specailly for this research i am really getting the solution after 6 month research that is how to enable the oledb jet 4.0 driver in vista, i read arround 100s of articles and maximum said that is not possible to enable it and ala bla well at the end i got the answer that is so easy

Acctually that is correct that oledb jet 4.0 driver is not avaialble for 64 bit but if you run your IIS on 32 bit instead of 64 then Oledb jet will working fine
Here are the steps Click on the Start > Program > Administrative Tool > IIS Management panel Select the Computer name Right click on the application pool and select properties Select "TRUE" in Enable 32 Bit Application by default it is false
Then this problem will resolve
if you need any assitance then feel free to email me
Rashid Imran Bilgrami
CEO Best visualization

Install PHP on IIS 7.0 and Enable Classic ASP

I have read many articles that basically did not show the proper way to enable the ASP in IIS 7.0 Specially when you are using vista 64 bit IIS well it is so easy

Here are the following steps
1) Click on the Controll panel 2) Click on the program 3) Select the Turn on / off window features 4) Select ALL IIS property (Make sure select ASP and CGI script) i recomend to select all scripting languages also other options 5) click ok 6) Click on start > Program > Administrative Tool > IIS Managment 7) Click on the Computer name 8) You will see the ASP Icon on the right panel 9) Click on the Enable in script 10) also if you need to view the error you will set the property with same location
now define any ASP website in IIS and it will run
How to run PHP First you need to download the setup from the PHP website its better if you download the setup instead of the downloading the zip file
you will find the PHP set up on internet very eaisaly its a exe file (make sure if you are using …

Sharepoint server configuration on live website

Well again another success on new stuff, well this is share point server configuration. Well if you are new in sharepoint then this article really helps you alot
Well first you download the sharepoint from microsoft website, once you get the setup you will just execute it.
Prerequest Installation 1) For installing the sharepoint you must install the min windows 2003 on your machine
2) Check out the active directory because sharepoint check the user right and permission from the active directory (Note if you did not know about active directory then you will search it on google you will easily find the tutorial about the active directory very easily )
3) You need a setup of sharepoint which is easily avaialble on the microsoft website
Well what i assume that you have already configure the windows 2003 and active directory now just execute the setup and then follow the instruction once the setup has done then you will do the following steps
Steps for configuration the website 1) Open the …

Web Development Life Cycle

For anyone thinking of developing a medium to large sized website, I hope you
find the following helpful and useful.

For any programmers out there, you may have heard of the Software Development
Life Cycle, well the Website Development Life Cycle is basically the same thing.
A 6-step process.

Those 6 steps are:

1. Website Requirements and Analysis

2. Specification of Requirements

3. Site Structure and Design

4. Website Construction and Testing

5. Marketing (SEO / PPC / etc)

6. Analysis of Statistics and Maintenance.

I will explain each step further. For the purpose of this WDLC tutorial, assume
that the medium - large website will be developed in PHP with a MySQL Database
(this seems to be the most popular; probably because it's good and free).

Step 1. Website Requirements and Analysis.

Running an affiliate website is in-fact the same as running any business. If you
have a solid business plan and you stick to it, your chances of success are far
greater than developing a website with no goals and pl…


Well after the long research i found the auto transfer the data from one system to other or one database to other with in very short time, well this research is based on the transfering of paradox data to the the online server via SSIS.
Well i did not found a pure solution for this issue but after a lenghtly research i found the ways that basically provide me the sucess regarding to this issue
Well the acctual project scope is transfering the paradox data from different local system to the online main website server
the scope seems to be very different and unique well we use SSIS technology for covering this thing

You need following steps to connect your local PC to the online server
to be honest if the SSIS is not running propoerly then just reinstall the ssis with the propoer SQL custom instanace name because if start i have spend around a week to rectify the issue for running the SSIS but i found the misktake in the i…