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How to get Paypal Live API Credential

Dear Friends
With Paypal if you are new for getting the API key you directly go to the Merchant service and you did not get the API credential option what you are looking

Here is the Way so you can get the API Credential

1) Visit
2) Login with your business account
3) Click on My account
4) Click on the Profile (do not click on the sub menu)
5) Click on "My Selling Tools"
6) Click on API update button under the section of "Selling Info"
7) If you need to view the API key select the view option otherwise generate the new API key and password

I hope it save your time

Rashid Imran Bilgrami 

3241 Error Using MS SQL 2008

Hi! Guys i found the another solution

I have face the error and every one tell the things different reasons but actually there are two major reasons for this error

1) You restore the version from Lower version to higher version (mean you get the back from SQL 2010 or SQL 2008 and restore in SQL 2005)

2) Your SQL server is 2008 or 2010 instance name on SQL 2005

Which is very rear but its happening with me and i found the solution here
And this solution is providing by IanlovesFrame

How you identify it

Open your sql server and check the instance name

Check out selected area in the screenshot there is a 9.xxxx value that mean this instance name is for SQL 2005

Why this error arrived 
If you have SQL 2005 before and you are installing SQL 2008 then it automatically select the 2005 instance name. Just select the new instance name for 2008 and the problem will be resolved