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Sharepoint server configuration on live website

Well again another success on new stuff, well this is share point server configuration. Well if you are new in sharepoint then this article really helps you alot

Well first you download the sharepoint from microsoft website, once you get the setup you will just execute it.

Prerequest Installation
1) For installing the sharepoint you must install the min windows 2003 on your machine

2) Check out the active directory because sharepoint check the user right and permission from the active directory (Note if you did not know about active directory then you will search it on google you will easily find the tutorial about the active directory very easily )

3) You need a setup of sharepoint which is easily avaialble on the microsoft website

Well what i assume that you have already configure the windows 2003 and active directory now just execute the setup and then follow the instruction once the setup has done then you will do the following steps

Steps for configuration the website
1) Open the sharepoint central administration panel ( you will access this via Start > Program > Administrative tool > Share point Administrative panel

2) Once you click on it, the administration panel will display in the browser this is a main key section of the sharepoint you will handle all the sharepoint website through this panel

3) Click on the "Application Management" tab

4) Click on the "Create and extended web application"

5) Click on the "Create new web application"

6) Fill up the New IIS WEB name

7) Host Header (Put your website address) like

8) port of the website "better if you set the port to 80" because i have test with this

9) Authentication Select "Negotiate (Kerberos) "

10) Allow Anonymous: true

11) Set the application pool name any thing that you want (For Example: best visualization - 80)

12) Configurable (Put your machine login info) like User name Administarator and Password bestvisualization

13) Reistart IIS Automatically (if this section is disable then restart you IIS manually )

14) Select the windows authentication

15) click on the button ok

16) Wait until the screen will appear

17) Restart your IIS (click on start > run > iisreset /noforce) iisreset /noforce is a command for restarting the IIS

18) create site collection by the given link in the page

19) select the tempalte

20) Again select the administrator name in both section for administration and authentication

21) Click ok

22) Congrate your website will be configure successfully

For allow all visitor you must login in to the sharepoint webiste and then adjust the authentication

I hope this article will help you for setting up the sharepoint on the live server

Rashid Imran Bilgrami
CEO Best visualization


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