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How to get DNN user profile pic in your custom Module

How to get your user profile pic in DNN module

here is the code
 protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

            PortalModuleBase myportalInfo = new PortalModuleBase();
            Literal1.Text = myportalInfo.UserInfo.Profile.PhotoURL;


I hope it helps you and save your time

Rashid Imran Bilgrami

DNN:Text return Nothing or Skin Token is not working with DNN:Text

Dear All, 
Today i found a  problem when i render the DNN skin object with DNN:Text then it will return nothing, i register the object

<%@ Register TagPrefix="dnn" TagName="TEXT" Src="~/Admin/Skins/Text.ascx" %>

then i place the DNN text object with token

<dnn:TEXT runat="server" id="TEXT1" Text="[Tab:TabName]" CssClass="NormalBold" ReplaceTokens="True" />

but there is no luck then i found when the ascx.cs file and checked out the code in detail and i found the variable that use in the cs file is ShowText instead of Text. 
Here if you did not get the return value from dnn:Text in dnn 7.3 version then use the following skin object 
<dnn:Text runat="server" id="CheckingOne2" ShowText="[User:FullName]" ReplaceTokens="True"/>
Note in above like there is ShowText instead of Text 
I hope it save your time because it already eat my 2 days 
Rashid …

Javascript not working with support partially or partial post back in DNN

Dear All,
Today i found a solution finally to rebind the Javascript issue with support partially run with DNN

Here is the key
<script type="text/javascript">
    function BindControlEvents() {
        //jQuery is wrapped in BindEvents function so it can be re-bound after each callback.
        //Your code would replace the following line:
            $('#<%= TextProtocolDrugInstructions.ClientID %>').limit('100', '#charsLeft_Instructions');          

    //Initial bind
    $(document).ready(function () {

    //Re-bind for callbacks (This is a key)
    var prm = Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManager.getInstance();

    prm.add_endRequest(function() {


Rashid Imran Bilgrami

DNN 7 Localization Video or Tutorial. How to enable DNN localization in DNN7

Dear All,  Here is the video for the DNN 6+ Localization
Rashid Imran Bilgrami

Automatically change input mode in to Arabic

Dear All,
Today i found a good solution if you have a form and you want to automatically change the input mode in to arabic then here is a sample code:

Copy the following script

<script type="text/javascript">
function TextLanguageAr(e, input) {
var unicode = e.which;
        switch (unicode) {
            case 192: input.value += 'ذ';   return false; break;  
             case 81: input.value += 'ض';   return false; break;  
             case 87: input.value += 'ص';   return false; break;  
                case 69: input.value += 'ث';   return false; break;  
                case 82: input.value += 'ق';   return false; break;  
                case 84: if (Shift_Key_pressed(e)) input.value += 'لإ'; else input.value += 'ف'; return false; break;  
                case 89: if (Shift_Key_pressed(e)) input.value += 'إ'; else input.value += 'غ'; return false; break;  

How to extend windows server 2012 standard r2 and standard evaluation version

Dear All,
Here is a way if your window server has expired you can extend it

Click Start, and then click Command Prompt.Type slmgr.vbs -dli, and then press ENTER to check the current status of your evaluation period.To reset the evaluation period, type slmgr.vbs –rearm, and then press ENTER.Restart the computer. I hope it give you more time to find suitable crack ;) 
Regards  Rashid Imran Bilgrami 

Site Setting giving error in DNN 7.3.1 (Admin > Site Settings - Critical Error )

Today i found the solution for DNN 7.3.1 Bug. When you tried to access the Admin > Site Settings you will find the critical error

Message:DotNetNuke.Services.Exceptions.PageLoadException: Selection out of range
Parameter name: value ---> System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Selection out of range
Parameter name: value
   at Telerik.Web.UI.RadComboBox.PerformDataBinding(IEnumerable dataSource)
   at Telerik.Web.UI.RadComboBox.OnDataSourceViewSelectCallback(IEnumerable data)
   at System.Web.UI.DataSourceView.Select(DataSourceSelectArguments arguments, DataSourceViewSelectCallback callback)
   at Telerik.Web.UI.RadComboBox.OnDataBinding(EventArgs e)
   at Telerik.Web.UI.RadComboBox.PerformSelect()
   at System.Web.UI.WebControls.BaseDataBoundControl.DataBind()
   at Telerik.Web.UI.RadComboBox.DataBind()
   at DotNetNuke.Web.UI.WebControls.DnnSkinComboBox.OnLoad(EventArgs e)
   at System.Web.UI.Control.LoadRecursive()
   at System.Web.UI.Control.LoadRecursive()
   at System.Web.UI.Control.Loa…