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Well after the long research i found the auto transfer the data from one system to other or one database to other with in very short time, well this research is based on the transfering of paradox data to the the online server via SSIS.

Well i did not found a pure solution for this issue but after a lenghtly research i found the ways that basically provide me the sucess regarding to this issue

Well the acctual project scope is transfering the paradox data from different local system to the online main website server

the scope seems to be very different and unique well we use SSIS technology for covering this thing

You need following steps to connect your local PC to the online server

2) SQL SERVER Job Agent

to be honest if the SSIS is not running propoerly then just reinstall the ssis with the propoer SQL custom instanace name because if start i have spend around a week to rectify the issue for running the SSIS but i found the misktake in the installation that we mostly use default instance in sql sever installation and that creates an issue with SSIS and speically reporting server

Well I assume that SSIS is running on your pc in healthy enviroment well let SSIS offer you the left side tool bar same like the visual studio you will select the "For Each loop Container" and double click on it and set the setting

1) General
Give the name i gave Foreach Loop Container

2) Collection
In the "Enumatrator section" D:\Data select the folder that you need to shifted

3) Variable Mapping (This important)
a) Click under the variable heading and Click on the new variable in the dropdown
in container drop down click on the package > Executable > Foreach Loop container
b) Give the name
C) leave user as it is

4) Click ok to exit

Now next is double click on ftp task in the left Toolbox option and put this ftp task under the foreach look container

once you put the ftp task under the foreach loop container then double click on the ftp task
1) General
Leave as it is

2) File Transfer
Is local variable > select true
select the variable that we define in the above steps

Now click ok and then set the connection with live ftp
Click on connect manager
click on new connection
select FTP
and set the ftp credentials

once all things set now click on (not the double click) the ftp again and put the connection manager varaible in the remote connection section

and once you run it the the ftp will shift all files in the specific folder one by one from your local pc to the remote or any other computer

you will set the scheduler by sql job agent eaisly

I hope this blog helps you if you need any further assitance then feel free to contact me at

Rashid Imran Bilgrami


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