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Web Designing & Development :: How to start web engineering

Many peoples ask me what they do in their professional career, so i always give one answer to them do that what you mind and heart says and do this work very sincerely, then see you will get the success what ever you are doing.

I know that is really hard to understand for new comers same like me when i want to select one field as a professional. Lucky i got the web engineering and start my career with full of intentions.

Before starting any thing make sure your self that do you have the interest in this field from you soul, well now let start now. There are few general key point before starting web engineering

1. Always honest with your work
2. Don't loss the hope, if you did not get the solutions. Always struggle again and again
3. If you stuck and did not think the new ideas or solution then change the environment then get back to work
4. Don't look at the clock that just keep in mind that you that target and you need to achieve
5. Have a command in the tools
6. Research work involv…