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Java script Encoder / Decoder

View demo | Download Source

Hi every one i found a thing at internet that is done through encoding and decoding of text through Java script thanks man you will get the full blog there

Here is the class function of encoding

/example of using the html encode object

// set the type of encoding to numerical entities e.g & instead of &
Encoder.EncodeType = "numerical";

// or to set it to encode to html entities e.g & instead of &
Encoder.EncodeType = "entity";

// HTML encode text from an input element
// This will prevent double encoding.
var encoded = Encoder.htmlEncode(document.getElementById('input'));

// To encode but to allow double encoding which means any existing entities such as
// & will be converted to &
var dblEncoded = Encoder.htmlEncode(document.getElementById('input'),true);

// Decode the now encoded text
var decoded = Encoder.htmlDecode(encoded);

// Check whether the text still co…

Coda-Slider with Autoplay or Auto slider Code - Jquery Slider

View Demo | Download Source

Hi All,
While reading along in some of the forums (located here:, I noticed some are wanting an “auto-slide” feature for this thing (great job by the way Niall Doherty).

Here’s how you do it:

Modify the js code included in the page’s header into this:

"User script tag here"
var count =1;
jQuery(window).bind("load", function() {jQuery("div#slider1").codaSlider(); setInterval("moreSnow()", 2000);});
function moreSnow()
if (count < 4)

count = count +1;
count = 1;


here you change if (count < 4) number of banners as per your banner count like if you have 5 banners then put 6 here and if you have 6 then put 7 i have 3 banners so i put 4

also change the body section
Panel 1

i add the id="panel1" in the code that will use for auto click in the javascript

now just change all panel id a…

Update DNN4x to Dnn 5x

Hi another stuff that i done recently is really cool and i hope it help lot of DNN professionals

Upgrading dot net nuke

Its simple but you must need the dnn4.8 or later version for updgrading if you are planing to move your dnn 3 or 2 in to dnn 5 then you must upgrade the 3 to 4 and then then 4 to 5

here i just define the upgrading from 4 to 5
Backup Existing Site
Although the XML Merge functionality and DotNetNuke 5.0.0 have been tested a great deal it is VERY, VERY important to take a full site backup before completing an upgrade. This is especially true when going from a 4.x to 5.x installation, due to the massive changes introducted in DotNetNuke 5.0.0. If you are unsure of the process to backup your site, please be sure to read my blog How to Backup a DNN Site, additionally if on a remote hosting provider you can contact your provider for assistance creating the backups.

NOTE: DO NOT CONTINUE if you have not validated a 100% correct backup file. I have tested multiple 5.x upgrad…

How to Install DNN or DotNetNuke or Dot Net Nuke

:) now every one asking to how to install the dot net nuke on the live server, dedicated server or local PC

You need fulfills pre-requirments


For local PC and dedicated server
1) Configure IIS from Start > Settings > control panel > Add remove program > Add remove component >Select Inetnet Information Server then click next
(Note you need the OS cd for installation)


2)Make sure your installation drive must be NTFS


3)Down the latest .zip file from the site


4)Extract the zip file from your NTFS folder


5)Right Click on it and Go to security tab and allow writting p…