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DNN CISS.SIDE MENU MEGA 8 Distory The Skin or How to to configure the CISS.SIDE menu properly

Today I have resolve the issue, after the  CISS mega menu implementation the dnn skin css has been destroyed, the solution is simple


Under the /DesktopModules/CISS.SideMenu/styles/CSS MEGA MENU 8 colors

there is a file CSS MEGA MENU 8 colors.css 

Open this file with any editor and remove or comments the first line /*@import "black/css/reset.css";*/
Here in this example i have commnets the css line 

Rashid Bilgrami 

How to display PHP error in Browser By Using IIS7 Settings

Dear friends
If you are looking for display the PHP error in the browser by using IIS 7 version the please check the

Development Machine Radio Button Under » Configuration Error Reporting section

How you access it
Note this article is supported if you already installed the php through Microsoft Web plateform Installer
I recommended to install your PHP through it because its easy and highly effective for advance progamming mode by using windows platform 
1) Open you IIS
2) Click on the Site Name under the Sites
3) There is a PHP Manager Under your site settings

4) Click on the Configure error reporting Link Under PHP settings

5) Select the Developer machine

Hope it will help you to as well

Rashid Imran Bilgrami
CEO Best visualization

How to get the value of dotnetnuke rich text editor in code behind or dnn:TextEditor unable to get the value in codebehind or how to get value of dnn:TextEditor in dnn web application project

Well readers,
I got another solution today, and the major credit goes to one of my colleague Mr. Furqan Idress he really give me a solid clue to get rid of this issue

I faced the problem that i wasn't able to get the dnn:TextEditor value in my code behind variable, i have spend arround 3 hours and i just found the garbage and nothing

here is the solution may be you got my blog post and save your time in first attempt

if you need to add the DNN Rich text editor or DNN text editor in your web application  then use this code

<%@ Register TagPrefix="dnn" TagName="TextEditor" Src="~/controls/TextEditor.ascx"%>

the above code display the test editor in your module 
now you need to change the designer.cs file there are 3 files in your  web application project one is pageName.ascx, second one is  pageName.ascx.cs and last one ispageName.ascx.designer.cs 
You need to open the third file with the extension .designer.cs  identify you controller under the d… Calender Alaways retrun 01/01/0001

Dear Friend
when you are using the calender in your application you will by default it returns 01/01/0001 in your Calendar1.SelectedDate or Calendar1.VisibleDate

for returning the correct date you need to

This is a reported bug with a workaround: 

Inspecting the Calendar.VisibleDate or  Calendar1.SelectedDate property the first time a page is rendered always gives: 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM. If you navigate to the next or previous month, then the Calendar.Visible or Calendar1.SelectedDate Date property is correct.

In the Page_Load, place the following code:

If Not Page.IsPostBack Then
Calendar1.SelectedDate = Today
End If

Rashid Bilgrami
CEO Best visualization 

Google Web Search Bar is not working with IE or Google CSE is not working with IE

Guys i am facing the strange issue today and at last find the solution then I have install the google web search Customize Search Engine on my client website that is also known as CSE.

The problem was really strange, i got the code from the GOOGLE and then put it on the website, the search is working fine with Chrome and Firefox but it will not working with IE 8 and IE 9

I have worked around allot and find the solution that instead of using the Script you need the IFRAME code and it will work with all browsers

you will generate the google custom search for web by this link


CS0123: No overload for matches delegate 'System.EventHandler

Well guys if you writting you own custom datalist and want to pass the command parameter with in your data list through asp:linkButton then follow this 

Code behind   protected void Lable16_click1(object sender, EventArgs e)         {             LinkButton lb = sender as LinkButton;             string KeyValue = lb.CommandArgument.ToString(); ;              Navigate("recId", KeyValue , "detailPage");         }
Orignal post is present here
Regards  Rashid Bilgrami  CEO Best visualization