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OLEDB jet 4.0 driver In Vista 64bit / he 'Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0' provider is not registered on the local machine

Well i think you must be thankful for me specailly for this research i am really getting the solution after 6 month research that is how to enable the oledb jet 4.0 driver in vista, i read arround 100s of articles and maximum said that is not possible to enable it and ala bla well at the end i got the answer that is so easy

Acctually that is correct that oledb jet 4.0 driver is not avaialble for 64 bit but if you run your IIS on 32 bit instead of 64 then Oledb jet will working fine
Here are the steps Click on the Start > Program > Administrative Tool > IIS Management panel Select the Computer name Right click on the application pool and select properties Select "TRUE" in Enable 32 Bit Application by default it is false
Then this problem will resolve
if you need any assitance then feel free to email me
Rashid Imran Bilgrami
CEO Best visualization

Install PHP on IIS 7.0 and Enable Classic ASP

I have read many articles that basically did not show the proper way to enable the ASP in IIS 7.0 Specially when you are using vista 64 bit IIS well it is so easy

Here are the following steps
1) Click on the Controll panel 2) Click on the program 3) Select the Turn on / off window features 4) Select ALL IIS property (Make sure select ASP and CGI script) i recomend to select all scripting languages also other options 5) click ok 6) Click on start > Program > Administrative Tool > IIS Managment 7) Click on the Computer name 8) You will see the ASP Icon on the right panel 9) Click on the Enable in script 10) also if you need to view the error you will set the property with same location
now define any ASP website in IIS and it will run
How to run PHP First you need to download the setup from the PHP website its better if you download the setup instead of the downloading the zip file
you will find the PHP set up on internet very eaisaly its a exe file (make sure if you are using …

Sharepoint server configuration on live website

Well again another success on new stuff, well this is share point server configuration. Well if you are new in sharepoint then this article really helps you alot
Well first you download the sharepoint from microsoft website, once you get the setup you will just execute it.
Prerequest Installation 1) For installing the sharepoint you must install the min windows 2003 on your machine
2) Check out the active directory because sharepoint check the user right and permission from the active directory (Note if you did not know about active directory then you will search it on google you will easily find the tutorial about the active directory very easily )
3) You need a setup of sharepoint which is easily avaialble on the microsoft website
Well what i assume that you have already configure the windows 2003 and active directory now just execute the setup and then follow the instruction once the setup has done then you will do the following steps
Steps for configuration the website 1) Open the …