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Scheduling a daily backup of sql server 2005 database using sql agent

Scheduling a daily backup of sql server 2005 database using sql agent is very easy. By following below steps anyone can do that.
1. Open sql server 2005 Management Studio and connect a server
2. Expand the tree (left navigation) ”Management->Maintenance Plans”
3. Right click on node Maintenance Plans and Click “Maintenance Plan Wizard” (As shown in figure below) which causes to open a wizard.

4. Follow the wizard

5. In 2nd step of the wizard, You can schedule the task as clicking the Button “Change” as shown in the following

6. Once you click the button “Change” you will get a new popup to enter shedule details as shown below.

7. Click OK. It will save the schedule info and close the popup. And click Next button to follow the next step.
8. In this step you will be asked to check the check list for all the tasks those can be added in mainteance plan. Select “Backup Datbase (Full)” as shown in the figure.

9. Follow the steps until you get following window. Once you get here Select one or more…

Blog gives error after updating the dnn 4.x to 5.2.x or 5.0 version

Well for this post i thanks for Pc Henry who get rid of this blog error issue may be i missed that

original post

I just put the copy here for reference:
************************** Start ******************

One ofmy goals for 2010, is to upgrade my DNN server to the latest'n'greatest (ver 5.2). Well, last Friday I decided to pull the trigger and do it! Long story short, I'm back to the older 4.9 version because of unresolvable and generic "An Error Occurred."
WARNING:To preface this, I have to say, I'm a big fan of DNN. It's treated me well over the past year, I really do like the features it provides. But my current upgrade experience which was supposed to be a simple drag'n'drop of files and directories turned into something completely different. What you're about to read is my personal experience with upgrading my current 4.9 to the latest production (and supposedly stable) versi…

The linkyou have used to enter the paypal system contains an Incorrectly formatted item amount after coupon code configuration in catalook

Well thanks for the catalook support they help me to get rid of this issue when i configure the catalook coupon code its shows me the error in usage of coupon code in cart processing the problem in new catalook they allow to submit the item to paypal individually so thats why the problem arrive you just get rid of this issue by this process

Login to your host account Click on the catalook setting > store settingsUncheck the "Paypal Individual Item" option The problem has resolvedRegards
Rashid Imran Bilgrami
CEO Best Visualization

Setup a coupon code in catalook / Paypal

Setup a coupon to give a customer an X% (percentage amount) or Y (fixed amount) discount (optional: when he buys for more then Z):

1. Add a Price Rule Item Module: CAT_Products (CATALooK.netStore -> Products)

Select: ‘Create New’ -> set ‘Status(kind of use)’ = ‘Bundled/Coupon -> set: Product Name = ‘Coupon’ -> set: Price 1 = 0 -> Add

2. Add Cart Price Rules Module CAT_PriceRules (CATALooK.netStore -> Price Rules)

Select ‘Add Cart Price Rule’ -> set Description = ‘Coupon’ -> select the previously created Price Rule Item from the ‘Price Rule Item’ selector -> set Formula = Z-=-X% or Z-=-Y or X% or Y -> Enter all Coupon Codes into the ‘Coupon Codes (Press ENTER/CR to separate):’ box -> Add e.g.:


For live the formula is some thing like this -25% if i need to give 25% discount on each product in my cart
3. Setup the CAT_Card module to use Advanced Coupons:
Select ‘View Options’ from the module menu of module CAT_Cart and turn on the option: ‘Use …

Catalook Installation & Configuration In Dot Net Nuke or DNN or DotNetNuke

In this post you will understand how to install the catalook

1) Once you check out the catalook setup you will see the ".msi" files you can just double click on the file as per requirment (i use CATSTORE556_DNN48X_Sources.msi) and run it install it in to the specified directory let suppose we install the setup in "c:\catalook" folder

2) Once the setup has completed you will see the zip file under the specified folder

3) Unzip the file and double click on it

4) you will see many folders under one unzip folder

5) Double Click on PA-Module Folders

6) And upload all three zip file under this folder in to your dotnetnuke portal (note: there is no sequence required during upload process you can upload any zip at any time)

Here are the three zip file name
1) CAT_Modules.ZIP
2) CAT_StoreSettings.ZIP
3) CATALooKStore.ZIP

Here is the list of the template files

Handle Unessary Java script Error

Dear Readers
Today I got the information that helps you to avoid the Unessary JS error, some time your JS is working fine but there are some null value indications or some time its variable errors that is not using in your code and you need to get rid of these error, now you can handle it very eaisly by apply simple js code any where in your js file or under the script tag

function handleError()


return true;


window.onerror = handleError;
Hope its helps you alot Regards
Rashid Imran Bilgrami
CEO Best visualization

Amazing tutorial - Create dynamic custom drawing pencil in flash

Check out orignal tutorial

Here is a copy
Step 1

Create a new flash document, press Ctrl+J on the keyboard (Document Properties) and set Width to 350 and Height to 250px. Frame rate set to 24fps (Frames per Second).

Step 2
Take the Line Tool (N), and draw a "pencil". Look at the picture below!

Step 3
Select the "pencil" (Ctrl+A) and press F8 on the keyboard (Convert to Symbol) to convert it into a Movie Clip.

Step 4
While your new made Movie Clip ("pencil") is still selected, open the Properties Panel (Ctrl+F3) and under type pencil. Look at the picture below!

Step 5
Click on the first frame, open the Action Script Panel (F9), and paste this script:

this.attachMovie("cursor_id", "cursor_mc", this.getNextHighestDepth(),
{_x:_xmouse, _y:_ymouse});
var mouseListener:Object = new Object();
mouseListener.onMouseMove = function() {
pencil._x = _xmouse;
pencil._y = _ymouse;


Setting Captions are missing in Dotnetnuke and DNN

Dear All I just checked one issue and get the solution, that is really interesting for you as well the problem was when i installed the DNN 5.x and apply custom skin the Action Option of each skin and containers has lost just view the icons that make me shocked that why its happing here is the solution so i 100% save your time and get rid of this issue
Process 1) Go the Language Editor (For finding how you get the language editor section please check my other blogs) 2) View the edit language drop down it must empty 3) Click on edit language and select (English United state) please make sure you use united state other wise the problem still arrive 4) Click on the Add button 5)Come back to home and mouse over on any action button you will view the caption ******************************** Incase If you are using dnn 5.5 version then do this step *********************************** Login to your host account Click on Host Go Languages Click on the pencil icon under extenshions "Defaul…

Unable to View the Security Tab In XP

Dear All This is problem normally occurs in XP, the security tabs is not showing now so here is the solution that is small solution but i hope it may help you
Procedure: Click on Tools (If you did not view the tool bar click ALT button ) From Tool bar Click on Folder Options Click on "View" Tab Uncheck the "Use Simple File Sharing" Check box in the last of the Advance setting section Click Ok and Exit Now right click on any folder "Security" will be there
Chao Rashid Bilgrami CEO Best visualization