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Web Development Life Cycle

For anyone thinking of developing a medium to large sized website, I hope you
find the following helpful and useful.

For any programmers out there, you may have heard of the Software Development
Life Cycle, well the Website Development Life Cycle is basically the same thing.
A 6-step process.

Those 6 steps are:

1. Website Requirements and Analysis

2. Specification of Requirements

3. Site Structure and Design

4. Website Construction and Testing

5. Marketing (SEO / PPC / etc)

6. Analysis of Statistics and Maintenance.

I will explain each step further. For the purpose of this WDLC tutorial, assume
that the medium - large website will be developed in PHP with a MySQL Database
(this seems to be the most popular; probably because it's good and free).

Step 1. Website Requirements and Analysis.

Running an affiliate website is in-fact the same as running any business. If you
have a solid business plan and you stick to it, your chances of success are far
greater than developing a website with no goals and pl…