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Drop Shadow With CSS For All Web Browsers

Dear Readers
I found an article for drop shadow supported in all browsers

Ref URL:

One of the most common CSS effects is using shadows in various ways. Before, we needed to resort to images, but now we can offer this to all major web browser with CSS!

Web Browser Support

Believe me or not, but all of these web browsers we can offer shadows with CSS:

Firefox 3.5+Safari 3+Google ChromeOpera 10.50Internet Explorer 5.5The Standards Way

As we all know, a majority of the web browsers implement features in a standardized way, while others don’t (although they are getting better at it). Previously, in the W3C specification CSS Backgrounds and Borders Module Level 3 box-shadow was described, although at the moment, it’s not in there for some things to be discussed further. Anyway, this is how the implementation looks:

.shadow {
box-shadow: 3px 3px 4px #000;

The first value describes the x-offset (could be a negative v…

How to modify the page title with respect of your module in Dotnetnuke or DNN

Dear Readers This is actually a very simple trick to do inside of your modules, though you might need to setup an option to allow this to be turned on or off depending on what the site administrator wants the page title to be.

In C# you can use the following code

DotNetNuke.Framework.CDefault tp = (DotNetNuke.Framework.CDefault)this.Page;

tp.Title = "This is my page title";

So the next time you're coding a module and need to change the page title, it's that simple.

Rashid Imran Bilgrami