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'Web.HttpContext' is not defined. In DNN Chat Module

Dear Readers
When you install the dnn chat module it will show the error

In App_Code\Chat\DnnChatCodeHelper.vb

Line 308: Try

Line 309: Dim ctx As Web.HttpContext = Web.HttpContext.Current

Line 310: Dim lvstrImageRoot As String = String.Empty

Line 311: oCache = ctx.Cache.Get(key)

Detailed compiler output says:

App_Code\Chat\DnnChatCodeHelper.vb(309) : error BC30002: Type 'Web.HttpContext' is not defined.

open the file DnnChatCodeHelper.vb  which is located under the folder of App_code\Chat


Search Dim ctx As Web.HttpContext = Web.HttpContext.Current

and change to

Dim ctx As System.Web.HttpContext = System.Web.HttpContext.Current

Now it will work

Rashid Bilgrami