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Login Problem After DNN database Restoring

Dear All
If you are facing the problem in login after restoring database the reason is the machine key is not matching.

This problem arrived because you are restore the whole website from server to workstations so because of this you will face two problems

1) Login accounts not working
2) Pages will not show

for 2nd problem please check my previous blog

for login you need to resolve it like this

1) Register with the normal user
2) Open the database table users
3) Assign this user as super host  (Please read this post if you don't know about this step
4) Close the database
5) Login with the new user
6) Go to admin > user accounts
7) Click on the pencil and click on password manager
8) Click on the Reset password (system generated random one)
9) Once it done you can assign your own password

After that you…

How to assign db custom schema in sql server

Dear All,
In last days, i spend allot of time in identify the solution of assigning custom schema in sql server, specially when you restore any database which have a custom schema you face lot of problems here is the solution

1) Take a back of your database from online server
2) Restore in to destination place
3) Create a new user in SQL server (in Global security section)
4) Provide login name in Login Name section
5) Provide the password as you need
6) Select the default database that you restore
7) Click on the user map  (Left side 3rd menu)
8) In the restore db row select user under the user column and select schema under the schema column
9) save and close as well as disconnected
10) login with the new created user your schema will work

Rashid Bilgrami
Best visualization

Display PHP Errors In IIS

Dear All
I used IIS and PHP from long time but today i just find one issue when i tried to display the PHP error in IIS it's show me blank page, if you face this issue use this  command and check your local php ini settings

Open your CMD (command or dos prompt)
Make your directory location to C:\
and copy past the below line

%windir%\system32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe set config -Section:system.webServer/httpErrors -errorMode:Detailed

Restart IIS


error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_STRICT
display_errors = On

and if you logged these error
log_errors = On

I hope who are using PHP with IIS may be this post helpful for them

One more thing make sure when you are writing the code with IIS in PHP you must define

Rashid Imran Bilgrami
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How to allow DNN register member or all members to upload the document and image in Text / HTML editor

Dear All,
Today i got a solution for a very simple solution, may be it save your time.

How to Enable Upload Image / Document option under the DNN Text / HTML editor for Register Members or Non register Members

Please follow following steps

1) Login with your host account
2) Go to Admin > File Manager
3) At the bottom of the page you will find the permission options
4) Allow write file to ALL Role or Register member Role

Login with the normal user and test it you will see the image upload option for every register member or non register member

Rashid Imran Bilgrami
CEO Best visualization