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SugarCRM Footer Logo Remove & SugerCRM violation Message Remove

Hi Reader,

Let us discuss about how to remove the SugarCRM Footer logo..

You all are aware of the power of the SugarCRM Tool and also must be very eager to remove the footer in order to make it look more professional.

So below mentioned are some tricks for removing the footer from SugarCRM Community edition.

1) Open-modules/Administration/ updater_utils.php
Add-exit() ; in between function check_now() and return . any where

By doing this u can remove 'powered by sugar crm' footer logo.
2) Go to modules/Trackers/Tracker.php, line 128, in the 'logPage' function. Drop the 'echo' statement.
3) Now to root(Sugarfolder)\include\mvc\view\sugarview.php
and modify the line array(show header => true, show subpanel => true...........and so on)
and make the changes to showfooter=>true to showfooter=>false

Now how you remove the violation 

Go to include /utils/ mvc_utils.php and remove the line or code below the logpage function.
Note: it start with the $msi0="len" and its lengthy 

And then enjoy by making it as your own built tool.

As per the requests, make a reply and then I'll post the code and path to let you know how to write a custom export query in the custom module.

Cheers !!
Happy Sugar..
Rashid Bilragmi 


  1. Replies
    1. Always welcome

      Best Visualization

  2. Thanks worked great.

    By any chance you don't know of a customer portal module for sugar ... they use to have a portal option back in the 4.5

    1. thanks nick can you please explain your requirements in details may be i have the solution for it

  3. After we make the edit to update_utils

    Our users get a white page trying to login. (hitting the browser back button will bring them in fully)

    what can we do?

    1. Humm.. let me check about it

      Rashid Bilgrami
      Best Visualization

  4. A similar problem - "Our users get a white page trying to login. (Hitting the browser back button will bring them in fully)"

    1. I found this issue on some places but when hit enter button again its working fine.

      I will look after this issue and update the blog

  5. Working nice ! now a question... how can I add myown footer information in the place of that one removed !!

    1. i didn't work on it i am sure in the same file you can do that


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