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Multi Language Website In DNN Or Content Localization in DNN

Dear Readers
Before that when we create the Multi Language website in dnn we always create two portal but with DNN 5.x version you will use the language resource for creating multi language website website

You are facing two major challenges to create Multi language website
1) Translation of the DNN controls in to local language
2) Translate your own pages navigation or menu in to multi languages
3) Translate your own custom content in to local language
4) Translate your custom modules in to the local languages

Lets start with the first challange

Challenge 1: Translation of the DNN controls in to local language 
This is an easiest part, you can follow the steps achieve this challenge

1) Login with your host/Admin  account
2) Go to the Admin / Languages
3) Click on ADD Languages
4) Select the language that you need and Add it
5) You will see now two languages in your language section
6) With the list you will see the three option

Static Resources
System Host | Site

7) you can click on the pencils to change the resource extension name as per your requirement once you have finished this now you can move to the skin file

Now the next step is add the flags indicator in your skin 
Add the Class in your skin file
<%@ Register TagPrefix="dnn" TagName="LANGUAGE" Src="~/Admin/Skins/Language.ascx" %>

Add control in your skin file

Now once you save and refresh the browser it shows you the flags on your skin

Click on the Flag and you see the Admin and the host navigation and dnn default controllers are now changing there languages

Challenge 2: Translate your own Page DNN Navigation in to Multi language 

First of all thanks for the Apollo software that give the a free module for the navigation multi language 

Download it from here 

After installing this module you need to do some changes in the skin 
1) Change the DNN default menu with the [MLMENU] (don't worry its a 100% copy of solpart so solpart parameters are workable with MLMENU) 

<%@ Register TagPrefix="dnn" TagName="MLMENU" Src="~/DesktopModules/PageLocalization/MLMenu.ascx" %>


Now once you save it and run it your navigation is changing as per navigation changes 

Challenge 3: Translate your own DNN HTML Content in to Multi language 
Honestly you are lucky that you are in my blog and get the solution in a min i have spend 5 hours to find this solution (damn!) but i got it because of the 

click on the link to download the MULTI LANGUAGE HTML editor module 

and now you can edit your website text with this module and enjoy the multi language website in DNN 5.x version 

In last I am so much thankful for all of the people who contribute in all solution and Google because of it i found a solution  

Thanks for reading hope you enjoy this article

Best Regards 
Rashid Bilgrami 


  1. I admire the valuable information you offer in your articles. I will bookmark your site!!
    What is localization

  2. Good information, but i need small guidance for, how we can set the default language from multiple language.
    My site already have english and arabic languages, but site should open in arabic language by default.
    I have tried all the req. solutions, still no success. Your inputs will help me a lot.

    1. Hi sagar
      by default dnn will display the website according to client browser language.

      If your client browser is in english mode then it automatically show the English one other wise if your client browser is set to arabic then it display the arabic first

  3. Rashid Sahib,

    You always done gr8 job!

    I try to download apollo from follwoing but no success, if you have installer please refer to me.

    Muhammad Furqan Idrees.

    1. Sir thanks for the complement please us this one instead of apollo

      its better then that


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