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Catalook Installation & Configuration In Dot Net Nuke or DNN or DotNetNuke

In this post you will understand how to install the catalook

1) Once you check out the catalook setup you will see the ".msi" files you can just double click on the file as per requirment (i use CATSTORE556_DNN48X_Sources.msi) and run it install it in to the specified directory let suppose we install the setup in "c:\catalook" folder

2) Once the setup has completed you will see the zip file under the specified folder

3) Unzip the file and double click on it

4) you will see many folders under one unzip folder

5) Double Click on PA-Module Folders

6) And upload all three zip file under this folder in to your dotnetnuke portal (note: there is no sequence required during upload process you can upload any zip at any time)

Here are the three zip file name
1) CAT_Modules.ZIP
2) CAT_StoreSettings.ZIP
3) CATALooKStore.ZIP

Here is the list of the template files
Then you must come to the Admin > Wizard and run the wizard here are the steps for the wizard

Click next
Select the CATALooKnetStoreDNN_NoSkin_NoContainer.template (the third number of the template)
Did not select any skin just click next
Did not select any container just click next
Click Return
And Click on the home button
Once you click on the home the catalook will automatically integrate with your DotNetNukePortal

Some Errors After Catalook

Most of the time the catalook display the error on the container, if you want to get rid of this issue just go to the settings and update it, the error finish automatically

The login will not work once we install the catalook the solution is simple just create a copy of home page and set that copy home page as a portal home page under admin site settings options

I hope its works and helps you to install the catalook module under your dotnetnuke portal
Rashid Imran Bilgrami
CEO Bestvisualization


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