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Blog gives error after updating the dnn 4.x to 5.2.x or 5.0 version

Well for this post i thanks for Pc Henry who get rid of this blog error issue may be i missed that

original post

I just put the copy here for reference:
************************** Start ******************

One of my goals for 2010, is to upgrade my DNN server to the latest'n'greatest (ver 5.2). Well, last Friday I decided to pull the trigger and do it! Long story short, I'm back to the older 4.9 version because of unresolvable and generic "An Error Occurred."
WARNING: To preface this, I have to say, I'm a big fan of DNN. It's treated me well over the past year, I really do like the features it provides. But my current upgrade experience which was supposed to be a simple drag'n'drop of files and directories turned into something completely different. What you're about to read is my personal experience with upgrading my current 4.9 to the latest production (and supposedly stable) version 5.2.2. This is not a flattering story and the weak hearted should turn away now.
Longer story? SURE!!!!! Don't mind if I do. Imagine that, ME wanting to share my experiences? LOL
After following the instructions TO THE LETTER! DNN seemed to upgrade without incident, BEAUTIFUL I thought. Until I tried to, ironically, blog about how easy it was to upgrade, when the unthinkable soon as I logged in to add the new blog, I get the "An Error Occurred." message on the admin page and there is no triangle/menu options to administrate the Blog module. WHAT? HUH? WTF?
An Error Occurred
At that point, I think.......hhhmm maybe it's a problem with my Blog Module v 3.4 working with the DNN 5.2.2? Hey, there's a new Blog Module ver 3.5.1 available, maybe that'll help? Nope, SAME thing! Gotta be something I did wrong with the install right? NOPE! Let me repeat, NO, I didn't do anything wrong with the install. (YES, I'm very defensive right now!!!!) The install instructions say to backup what you got (thank goodness I listened to THAT advice), copy over the upgrade zip package over on top of the existing DNN install, hit the server and the server will do the rest (and yes, it did it's thing without any errors on that reporting page). Simple! The DNN upgrade is supposed to manage the web.config updates automagically (that is pretty impressive actually). But non-the-less, it didn't work!
When I logged in as my host this time, I got a little bit more information but not much more!
An Error Occurred logged in as host
hhhhhmmmmm Other people MUST have experienced this before, I CAN'T be the first to see this? Turns out I'm not!
Blog Error after upgrading from 4.8 to version 5.01.01 (with 7 pages of responses, half are of Rishi trying to help me without success)
Why is the blog module resending out all 200 of my blogs? (without any replies from anyone)
Error on Upgrade to DNN v 5 (with 3 pages of responses of other people with the same problem)
All the other blogs I find talk about a misformed tag, well to DNN's credit, ver 5.2.2 fixed that problem. Cool! Good. I just have something else!
Hey man, I've tried looking. But you know what? In my travels around the internet, check out what I saw!!!! This COMPLETELY floored me! Even one of the DNN sites is suffering from the same problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This page is NOT doctored, this is a direct screen capture without modifications what so ever! That is legit and a real screen I saw last Friday night! I had to grab a screen capture cause I figured I wasn't going to be able to repro it again, but rest assured, I saw it, I have proof!
Even DNN is suffering from this
Now, my stories NOT done yet! Yes, there's more!
Jason Haley's siteSat night a friend (SB) told me he saw that I rereleased about 200 of my blogs again! WTF? HUH? No I didn't, I wasn't even able to write one, and now my buddy's telling me he sees 200 from me AGAIN on his Facebook page!!!!!! What the heck is going on. Worse yet is, EVEN JASON HALEY noticed this major SCREW UP!!!!!!!!!!! If you're not familiar with Jason Haley's mashups, you should be checking his blog out! Very cool stuff and FULL of awesome links! Anyways, sometimes I'm lucky enough to get onto his blog list, but this time, I was on there already, just 200 or so times TOO MANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even DNN is suffering from this
I think what happened was when I upgraded, DNN "decided" to redo the permenant links WITHOUT telling me and without my approval!!!!!! Sorry, but you'll have to excuse my increasing level of sarcasm.
Yes, I was very embarassed at this point! What's next? Is this going to happen on LinkedIn's Blog mashup engine? It did it with Outlook!
Showing all my blogs - AGAIN!
Oh I was mad! This was supposed to be an EASY upgrade.......YA famous last words eh? gggggrrrrrrrr
After a few days of hearing NOTHING on the forums, I decided to start from scratch again. Hey, maybe, just maybe I screwed something up. Why not try it again. NOPE! Even WORSE results tonight! This time Nothing came up! NADA! Nyet! Zilch! NULL! Rien! NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! You hear that noise? That's me seathing and grinding my teeth I'm so frustrated right now! This was supposed to be EASY right?
Errors going from bad to worse
Ok, thankfully I DID listen to the "backup your current setup" instructions and I backed EVERYTHING out tonight and as you can see, I'm BACK to blog writting. Albeit with the OLD ver! But what was I expecting to see? Well, for starters, when I logged in , I expected to see the triangle at the top left of the blog module WITHOUT ERRORS.
Without errors, back to happiness, aaaahhhhhhhhhh
And what should you see when you click on the triangle?
You can edit and or add blogs now
I apologize to Jason for the screw up with the reposting/republishings and to all the other people who saw the ~200 repostings. As for me and DNN? I think I'll wait a little bit longer to upgrade (oh ya, and continue to back things up! LOL).
AAAAAHHHHH THERE! Now that I got that off my chest, I feel MUCH better and I'm able to grab a coffee and get coding!
PS In my past few days I've noticed two small annoyances with DNN. Have you seen these too?
Whenever you see "marketing" style version numbers, they always say 5.2.2 or 4.9.1 or something like that. But when you see the exact, developer oriented version numbers they're always listed with padding to two spaces (ex 5.02.02 or 4.09.01), what's up with that?
One other annoyance is with the new Blog module, NOW (or I'm assumig now) the subject line is included IN with the main body of the blog entry. What that means is, if you've been good and created your Summaries and main blog contents by cutting'n'pasting (ie the first sentence or two is copied), you will NOW see the duplicates in your blogs going back to the very beginning of your blog writting days! OH, you mean I have a Setting to change that? GRE.......uh.......hhhmmmmmmm...........uh, have you NOT been reading my blog above, I wasn't able to GET TO THAT SETTING REMEMBER?
Yup, I guess I'm still seathing!
******************* END *******************
Rashid Imran Bilgrami
CEO Best Visualization


  1. Hi Rashid, thank you for trying to help me out. Unfortunately I wasn't able to solve the problem with 5.2.2 and the blogging engine. My only solution (or so I felt) was to back out and reinstall my backed up 4.9 version. Nasty IMHO. Thanks again for your valiant efforts. I will do the upgrade and (and succeed), I just don't know when?

  2. I'm experiencing the same problem (and frustration) with an upgrade from DotNetNuke 4.9.4 to 5.2.3. This is the first time that I've run into a problem like this that has persisted for this long. Ugh.

  3. Please check out my earler post of the blog error hope it helps you even if you go inform me acctuall error then may be i can help you more


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